Leverage the power of Data and AI to improve your customer service efficiency

Reduce processing

Today’s customers need quick answers to their requests

Increase conversion rates

An efficient customer service leads to more conversion

Reduce operating costs

Reduced processing times result in lower customer service costs

Higher customer satisfaction

Customers are happy when they get a fast and pertinent answer to their questions


Askhub is an expert in NLP helping companies improve their customer service through automation.

Conversational channels Audit

Detect users needs and automation opportunities

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Existing bots Audit

Know how to improve bots comprehension rate, UX and KPIs

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Automation development

A data-driven approach for building efficient automation

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Bot improvement : NLP, UX, KPIs

Let’s turn your bots into profitable channels

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Find out how AskHub solutions optimize EDF customer service on their chatbot and Livechat

Improvement of EDF chatbot comprehension rate and customer experience.

Identification of good practices and areas for accelerating the processing of customer requests by reps on EDF Livechat.

Askhub Solutions


Conversational Analytics

Monitor in real-time channels conversational metrics and improve their Key Performance Indicators


NLP Trainer

Continuously improve AI models used to automate customer service thanks to askhub algorithms

Interested about optimizing your customer service? Let's talk

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AskHub team is exhibiting at #vivatech2019 on May 16-18 2019 in Paris.

AskHub will be part of the European AI night tomorrow at Palais de Tokyo

Avis aux passionnés de #NLP, #MachineLearning et #BigData : AskHub recrute des stagiaires Data-Scientists pour un stage de 6 mois !